Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend recap

This is Watson trying out the puppy Kong. I have never met a dog before who was so uncertain about peanut butter! I'm sure Banjo will convince him it's the best thing ever soon enough. Also, yes, I did vacuum yesterday. Why do you ask?

And this is what happens most of the time that I try to take a picture of him. We'll just pretend that I was trying to take a picture of his lovely coat.

Photos aside, we had a lovely weekend. We had several walks on Saturday, and figured out that a three foot leash allows plenty of space for slack but keeps him from tying himself up, bolo style, and falling over. He and Banjo spent a good chunk of time hanging out in the yard checking out the landscaping. (AKA eating much grass, any apparently being none the worse for it twenty-four hours later.)

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